Appartement 5 1/2 Ottawa 2 535 $/mois. Appartement à louer Ottawa

Annonce #180642:


  • · Ottawa, Ontario
  • · 5 1/2
  • · 2 535 $ / mois
  • · Loyer inclus stationnement
  • · Bail annuel
  • · Bloc appartements
  • · Autre: salle de lavage, piscine

Disponible: juillet 2024



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Rental office is located at 650 Woodcliffe Private

Looking for a large living space to accommodate yours and your family’s needs, consider calling our Beaconwood Village townhomes for rent in Ottawa your home. Located in Gloucester in East Ottawa, this charming Ottawa rental community is surrounded by lush green landscapes and tree-lined streets – a true breath of fresh air just 15 minutes from downtown.

In the warmer months, the Ottawa River Pathway is the perfect destination for leisurely walks or bike rides. You’ll also be able to enjoy the patios of local restaurants.

In the winter, cold days will seem much more tolerable when you take advantage of nearby Ski Hill Park, the movie theatre, or the Ottawa Public Library.

Property Features:

  • Covered and outdoor parking
  • Party room or resident lounge



Inclus dans le loyer

Parking*, *Outdoor Parking, *Visitor parking

Joindre le gestionnaire d'immeuble : (613) 822-2508

Adresse et emplacement

1998 Beaconwood Drive K1J 8L6 Ottawa